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The Finest French Products...

If you’re the sort of person that reads cookery books, not to follow the recipes, but to wistfully imagine a different life, perhaps in Paris or Provence; we give you fair warning, you are likely to spend a considerable portion of your day browsing new retailer The website is a combination of delicatessen and boutique; offering high quality, French gourmet food and wines, home wares, fashion, jewellery, beauty products and gifts.

Only the finest, hand-picked products make it to the store; but while you may waste time browsing, you certainly won’t waste money on your purchases. Elodie Gontard, a native of Lyon, France’s gastronomic capital, and something of an idealist, has lived in London for more than 15 years. She wanted to bring the very best of her native country to her adopted homeland. The French products she loved were either unavailable in the UK, or could only be found in food courts of achingly exclusive and expensive department stores. While British customers believed that if you want the finest French products, you have to pay a premium, Elodie was keen to disprove this and was conceived.

The retailer’s aim is to make the French “art de vivre” more accessible to discerning customers, so all of the hand-picked artisan products on are shipped directly from suppliers to your door in order to keep prices down and ensure products arrive in optimal condition. shares the same dedication and passion for French produce as its carefully selected suppliers, who are visited regularly on extensive sourcing trips throughout France. This in depth product knowledge helps to ensure the product quality and provenance of everything on the site and only the very best of all items tried and tested are added to the product range. However, if there are items you’ve been searching high and low for which are not on the site, there’s no need to book another holiday and stuff your suitcase, will make every effort to find them for you. 

With an enviable track record in business; Elodie Gontard has applied her in-depth knowledge of business operations and logistics to her passion for quality produce. Here she summarises why she founded and manages

When I shop, the things that matter to me are quality, product traceability and environmental considerations. aims to bring specialty French products to the UK market in a way which embodies these values.”

0208 767 2694

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